A Wedding


Today・s Mission

What will Emily be in the wedding?


Conversation A

(at the B&B)

Emily:        (coming downstairs) I finished my homework. Can I watch TV now, Mom?

Sue:  Sure. But no more than an hour.

        (The doorbell rings. Andy comes in.)

Andy:       Hi, Sue. Hi, Emily. How・s it going?

Sue:  Fine, Andy. How are you?

Andy:       Not too good.

Sue:  What・s the matter?

Andy:       I・m going to be in Sarah and Dave・s wedding Friday night. And I・m nervous.

Emily:      Why? It・ll be fun!

Andy:       Are you one of the bridesmaids?

Emily:       Yes. And I・m not nervous at all.


Conversation B

Andy:       Well, it・s easy to be a bridesmaid. All you have to do is stand up in front and look pretty.

Emily:        What・s so hard about your job?

Andy:       I・m the best man.

Emily:        What does the best man do?

Andy:       He helps the groom with a lot of things.

Emily:       Like what?

Andy:       Like making sure he doesn・t get nervous. And decorating his car.

Sue:  You don・t have to decorate his car!

Andy:       No, but I want to!


Conversation C

Emily:       That sounds like fun! Can I help?

Andy:       Sure. Just meet us by Dave・s car before the wedding.

Emily:       OK. Cool!

Andy:       You know, I・m really nervous about keeping the ring before the wedding. What if I lose it, or drop it or something?

Sue:  Oh, you won・t lose it. Just keep it in your pocket. And take it out when you need it.

Andy:       I hope I can do that.



Key Words

        wedding (n)  B則

                After their wedding, my brother and his wife will live in New York.

        bridesmaid (n)    k妾曄F餉Q

                Helen has five bridesmaids: her three sisters and her two best friends.

        best man (n phr)  混uk妾曄F混u餃

                Bob was the best man in his brother・s wedding.

        groom (n)    s

                Right now, Fred is a groom. After the wedding, he will be a husband!

        ring (n)  з

                Cathy wears a lot of rings on her fingers.



Grammar Cop

        DON・T SAY: What・s matter?

        DO SAY: What・s the matter?



What Do You Remember?

1. What does a best man do?


2. What does Andy say he・s really nervous about?



uThis text first appeared in :Let・s Talk in English;, (June 2002)/© Overseas Radio & Television Inc./Reprinted by permissionv




Today・s Mission

What does Andy need to pick up after he leaves Tony・s?


Conversation A

(The next day, Andy comes into Tony・s Travel.)

Andy:       Hi, Tony.

Tony:        Hi, Andy. Can I help you with something?

Andy:       Yes. Dave asked me to pick up the plane tickets for his honeymoon.

Tony:        Oh, yes. Here they are.

Andy:        Thanks. So, where are they going on their honeymoon?

Tony:        Didn・t Dave tell you?

Andy:       No. I didn・t ask him.

Tony:        Well, they・re going to Florida.

Andy:        Florida, huh? Did you talk them into that?

Tony:        Well . . . I did suggest it.


Conversation B

Andy:       Are you going to their wedding?

Tony:        Yes, my wife and I are both going. We were surprised they invited us. We don・t know them very well.

Andy:       Well, it・s a small town, and they・re friendly people.

Tony:       That・s true. And I think they invited everyone who goes to our church. That・s where the wedding will be.

Andy:       I know. I・m the best man.

Tony:        Oh. I・m sure you・ll do a great job.


Conversation C

Andy:       I hope so. Dave has asked me to help him with a lot of things.

Tony:        You can handle it. And I・m sure Dave appreciates your help.

Andy:      Yeah, I guess grooms have a lot to think about, don・t they?

Tony:        Yes. And they get pretty nervous.

Andy:      Yeah, Dave sure is. Well, I・d better go now. I have to pick up my tuxedo. I just hope it fits!

Tony:       Good luck! See you later.



Key Words

        honeymoon (n)    eる

                After their wedding, Doug and Jenny will go to Europe for their


        church (n)    頴|

                Hannah usually goes to church on Sunday mornings.

        tuxedo (n)   ]khタΑ此^円則A

                The groom looked very handsome in his tuxedo!

        to fit (v) X┃

                This shirt doesn・t fit. It・s too small.



What Do You Remember?

1. What did Dave ask Andy to pick up?


2. Why is Tony surprised he was invited to the wedding?



uThis text first appeared in :Let・s Talk in English;, (June 2002)/© Overseas Radio & Television Inc./Reprinted by permissionv




Today・s Mission

Who fought during the wedding rehearsal?


Conversation A

(that night, at the B&B)

Sue:  I wonder where Emily is. Andy was going to bring her home from the wedding rehearsal. I thought they・d be back an hour ago!

Sally:        I hope the rehearsal is going OK. Remember your wedding rehearsal? There were so many problems!

Sue:  Yeah, because you were too busy talking to the best man!

Sally:        I was not!

        (Andy and Emily come in.)

Sue:  How did the rehearsal go?

Emily:       It was fun!

Andy:       It was stressful.


Conversation B

Sue:  Why was it stressful, Andy?

Andy:       Well, it was mostly OK. But Sarah kept changing her mind about things. Like how fast the bridesmaids should walk down the aisle.

Emily:       And the two little flower girls were always fighting.

Sue:  Well, I hope they don・t do that during the wedding!

Emily:       No kidding!

Andy:       But Emily did a great job of standing up front and looking pretty.

Emily:       Very funny.


Conversation C

Emily:       And Andy did a good job of taking care of the bride・s ring.

Andy:        Thanks. Dave thought so, too. So he asked me to keep the ring for him until the wedding.

Sue:  Really? That・s strange. The groom usually gives the ring to the best man just before the wedding.

Andy:       I know. But Dave was worried he・d lose it or forget it. So I・m helping him.

Sue:  You・re a good best man, Andy.



Key Words

        rehearsal (n)  m影Fwt

                We had rehearsals every day to get ready for the concert.

        stressful (adj)  R此寸O此F昨i

                We have tests every week at school. It・s very stressful!

        aisle (n)  ]生|BC┏B頴鰯汽yu供此^qDF┼D

                Everyone watched the bridesmaids walk down the aisle.

        flower girl (n phr)  k畊

                The flower girls in my sister・s wedding were very cute!

        bride (n)    sQ

                The groom smiled when the bride came in wearing a beautiful white dress.





Grammar Cop

        DON・T SAY: They always fighting!

        DO SAY: They are always fighting!



What Do You Remember?

1. What did Sarah change her mind about?


2. What did Andy take care of?



uThis text first appeared in :Let・s Talk in English;, (June 2002)/© Overseas Radio & Television Inc./Reprinted by permissionv




Today・s Mission

What does Emily want to do with the bride・s ring?


Conversation A

Sally:        So you have the ring here now, Andy? Can we see it?

Andy:       Sure. (Andy takes out the ring box. He opens it and shows the ring to everyone.)

Sue:  Wow, that・s really beautiful.

Sally:        It sure is.

Andy:      Yeah, it was a very expensive ring. But Dave thinks Sarah will really love it.

Sue:  Any girl would really love a ring that beautiful!

Emily:       Can I try it on?

Andy:       Sure. Just be careful with it.

Emily:       I will.


Conversation B

Sally:        How was the rehearsal dinner?

Andy:       The food was great! That was the best part of the whole night.

Emily:       It sure was! And I bet the food at the reception will be even better.

Andy:       You know, I guess the rehearsal was kind of fun. I think we・ve got all the problems taken care of.

Sue:  I・m glad. And like I said, I・m sure you・ll do a great job.


Conversation C

Emily:       You know what I don・t like about this wedding?

Sue:  What・s that?

Emily:       My dress. The color doesn・t look good on me.

Sue:  Just remember this is Sarah・s big day, not yours. Don・t worry about how you look.

Emily:      Yeah, but at least Sarah・s dress and veil are beautiful.

Andy:       Well, you know I love listening to you talk about dresses. But I・d better go home and get some sleep.

Sue:  OK. Good-bye, Andy!

        (Andy picks up the ring box and leaves.)



Key Words

        to try on (v phr)  胡錙F胡盛

                I tried on my bridesmaid dress. It・s too big.

        reception (n)    b|

                After the wedding reception, the bride and groom left for their honeymoon.

        veil (n)  Y宗F丑

                We couldn・t see the bride・s face. She was wearing a veil.



Pronunciation Practice

Many words have letters in them that are not pronounced. Listen to these words and circle the letter that is not pronounced.


knee         hour

climb                Wednesday

island               handsome

talk           vegetable


Say the word on the left slowly and carefully. Then read the sentence next to it. Read it slowly first. Then read it at normal speed. What happens to the pronunciation of the word in purple in the sentence?


postcard My sister sent me a postcard from Paris.


family               There are six people in my family.


favorite     My favorite kind of ice cream is chocolate.



What Do You Remember?

1. What doesn・t Emily like about the wedding?


2. What two things does Emily say are beautiful?



uThis text first appeared in :Let・s Talk in English;, (June 2002)/© Overseas Radio & Television Inc./Reprinted by permissionv




Today・s Mission

What does Sally・s guest find on the end table?


Conversation A

(Friday evening, at the B&B)

Guest:     Hello? Is anyone here?

        (Sally comes in.)

Sally:        Oh. Hi! Can I help you?

Guest:       Yes. I・m Pat Benson. I have a room reserved for tonight.

Sally:        That・s right. Can you fill out this card, please?

Pat:  Sure.

Sally:        My sister, Sue, usually checks guests in. But she・s at a wedding tonight.

Pat:  That・s nice.

Sally:        Yes.  Her daughter・s in the wedding party.

Pat:  Oh. My sister was the maid of honor in a wedding last weekend.


Conversation B

Pat:  This is a nice place.

Sally:        Thanks. Make yourself at home. The living room is for all our guests to enjoy.

Pat:  Thanks. (starts to walk around and look at things in the living room)

Sally:        So, where are you from?

Pat:  Ohio. I・ve come to visit my grandmother. But she lives in a nursing home, so I can・t stay with her.

Sally:        Oh.

Pat:  Hey, this is a nice ring. (picks up the ring from the end table) But are you sure you want to leave it lying around like this?


Conversation C

Sally:        Oh no! That・s the bride・s ring! Emily didn・t put it back in the box after she tried it on.

Pat:  Uh-oh. Has the wedding started yet?

Sally:        (looks at her watch) It starts in 10 minutes. I should take that to the church!

Pat:  Yes, you should! But . . . could I have my room key first?

Sally:        Oh. Right. (gives Pat the key) Go through that door. Your room is the first one on the right. Good-bye!

        (Sally leaves.)




Key Words

        wedding party (n phr)  B則坤DnH

                The wedding party includes the bride and groom and the bridesmaids.

        maid of honor (n phr)  混uk妾曄F混u餉Q

                The maid of honor stands next to the bride during the wedding.

        nursing home (n phr)  wi|

                My neighbor is too old to take care of himself. He is moving to a nursing home.

        end table (n phr)  LF嫡

                The phone is on the end table near the sofa.



Grammar Cop

        DON・T SAY: I・m here visit my grandmother.

        DO SAY: I・m here to visit my grandmother.



What Do You Remember?

1. What did Pat・s sister do last weekend?


2. Why can・t Pat stay with her grandmother?



uThis text first appeared in :Let・s Talk in English;, (June 2002)/© Overseas Radio & Television Inc./Reprinted by permissionv




Today・s Mission

Why doesn・t Andy want to be in any more weddings?


Conversation A

(After the wedding, Andy, Emily and Sue come back into the B&B.)

Sally:        Hi. How was the wedding?

Emily:       It was great, thanks to you, Aunt Sally! Andy told us how you saved the day. And to thank you, we brought you some wedding cake.

Andy:      Yeah, Sally, thanks so much. I was busy decorating the groom・s car. I hadn・t noticed the ring box was empty.

Sue:  Really?

Andy:      Yeah. But everyone would have noticed if I told the pastor, :Sorry, no ring!; during the wedding!


Conversation B

Sally:        Well, I・m glad I could help.

Andy:       I knew I was going to be a bad best man!

Sue:  You were fine, Andy. Dave never even knew you forgot the ring, did he?

Andy:       No, he didn・t.

Sue:  Anyway, it was really Emily・s fault. She forgot to give the ring back to you after she tried it on.

Emily:       I・m sorry, Andy. It was my fault. You did a good job.


Conversation C

Andy:       Well, this is the last time I・ll be in a wedding.

Sally:        What? Why?

Andy:       It was too stressful. And I got too nervous.

Emily:        What about your own wedding? Aren・t you ever going to get married ?

Andy:       Well, that will be different.

Sally:        See? So this wasn・t the last time you・ll be in a wedding!

Andy:        Maybe not. But my wedding will be different. I・ll be even more nervous!



Key Words

        pastor (n)  v

                My uncle is the pastor of a church in New York.

        fault (n) L杉FLア

                It wasn・t his fault. It was an accident.

        to get married (v phr)  飢B

                My brother got married five years ago. And he already has five kids!



What Do You Remember?

1. Why didn・t Andy notice the ring box was empty?


2. Why does Sue say losing the ring was Emily・s fault?



uThis text first appeared in :Let・s Talk in English;, (June 2002)/© Overseas Radio & Television Inc./Reprinted by permissionv



On Your Own

Read each sentence carefully.  Each sentence is the answer to question.  Write that question on the line below.


Example:  The bride was wearing a veil. (what)

                  What was the bride wearing?


1. The bride and groom were standing at the front of the church. (who)




2. Sylvia and George are going to Hawaii for their honeymoon. (why)




3. The wedding will be at the church on 1st Avenue. (where)




4. The bride tried on her beautiful white dress. (what)




5. Ben and Gina are getting married on Saturday at 2:00. (when)




6. The ring is next to the phone on the end table near the TV. (where)




uThis text first appeared in :Let・s Talk in English;, (June 2002)/© Overseas Radio & Television Inc./Reprinted by permissionv